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Astrology is perfect science, it is pure mathematics but as said by sages, "Ekam Satya- Vipra Vahuda Vadanti" which means - truth is one, it is eternal, everlasting and ever prevalent but only a wise few understand it and describe it to the best of their ability.

Similarly, scientists which I describe as a group of discoverers (not creators) are establishing facts as they learn and grow. For e.g., the phenomenon of gravitation ever existed, even before the apple fell on Newton’s head and shall persist even after mankind ceases to exist.

Newton discovered something called "Gravity", the creation was eternal. Similarly the planets and their effects on us are ever prevalent but we cannot call it scientific unless some group of discoverers stumble upon another block that proves astrology right!

Like gravity existed before Newton, Astrology exists today.

A small example - It is a scientific fact that the gravitational pull of the moon causes tides in the ocean. The percentage of land and water on the planet is 30% -70% - very scientific! Do you know the percentage of fluid and mass in our physical body? Yes, you guessed it right- 30% mass, 70% fluid!

If the tides are caused by the gravitational pull of the moon, do you think our physical bodies are immune to it?

The entire solar system or the universe to be precise is interdependent, connected to one another by a force called gravity, but there are other forces into play that we haven't discovered yet. These forces cause reaction on our body and mind and the way we react and think. To understand this and to act proactively to maximise or minimise the effect of these forces is all what we recommend and do.

We are here to unearth some unknown facts about you, learn about some of your great potentials and recreate a guide map for your future.

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Hello Friends,

This is Manoj Kapoor, and I am here to decipher the secrets of life through the light of Astrology.

The first question that comes to our mind is - Is Astrology really effective. Do predictions really come true and if they do, then is our life predestined?

The answer to it is simple, and the answer is Yes, Astrology is effective, predictions if casted correctly, do come true and to an extent your life is predestined.

Your life according to Vedic Astrology are the fruits of the plants you’ve sown in your past lives, so whatever you’re getting now, sweet or sour the fruits are from the plants you chose- you have very little to complain!

But the beauty of Vedic Astrology lies here; your life is predestined only to the extent of not changing or taking corrective action. To change your current circumstances all you need to do is choose your actions wisely and act on it. Remember, Nature wants you to evolve and each circumstance is to teach you something that will help you evolve. Grab the opportunity to evolve and you’re out of the situation quickly.

Vedic Astrology is closely related to your physical, mental, financial, interpersonal and spiritual realm. The positions of planets give insights about your growth or fall- where you’re coming from and where you need to go.

Some planets will stop you from that growth, some planets will help you move ahead. Vedic Astrology will act as a guide map, it will tell you about the good times and bad phases in life, help you take decisions for the future but remember, actions and the power to choose will always remain with you. Act wisely!

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